Gift for you10 Birthday Breakthroughs

Observations to embrace at any age

Birthday Pondering’s:
1. I am the age that I am ( will never be younger than I am~ okay I can go east and be hours younger.. but then there is a point where east meets west and I will be older – wait how does that work if I go to california I will be 2 hours younger …. but if I keep going east to new zealand I will be a day older… hmm where is the time sweet spot?
2. I am the height that I am (will never be taller than I am (accept with heels:)
3. I weigh what I weigh.
4. I really do get a kick out of myself.
Much of the time I enjoy what I am thinking & saying to myself.
5. I can’t help but talk to strangers
6. I am ever so thankful for my health
7. I am ever so thankful for my family
8. I am ever so thankful for friends
9. I delight in simple things
10. My desire is to live so that each moment leaves me in a positive way~

                             Forever Changed ~ Never More the Same

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