One 2 One

BodyMind Coaching

Run2signsBodyMind Coaching is a coaching technique I have developed over my 30 years in the health field.

During these sessions we will identify, clarify and breakthrough areas that are causing stress and “stuckness”.

You will release block’s and gain clarity of  possibilities.

Tools and strategies that incorporate both the mind and the body are used in this unique program.

All sessions are done via phone (skype or in person possible)

Hatch Your Next Great Idea Power Hour

If you’re in an absolute and utter quandary about what to do with your business, because you know you’re a highly productive and interesting woman, yet you can’t seem to find the clarity, the vision, or the focus of what to do next … then add me to your advisory board as your

I’ll help you to think BIG.

I’ll help you map out a genius strategy, and keep you looking at that incredible vision. We’ll plan that one next step … and the step after, and the step after. Then, I won’t throw you into the fire and abandon you, but I will hold your feet to the fire and make sure you act on each step until you get where you want to go. Need an instigator? I’m the one that will get you out of the quandary and walk you right into your big, beautiful vision … even if you can’t see how to get there right now.

“Get me Started Package”


4 sessions of MindBody Coaching
These sessions will be conducted via phone or in person when availabl
Email support
All sessions will be conducted within a 2 month period for maximum benefits

“I am So Ready for This”


90 day program
We’ll begin with a two hour Kick Start Session to be followed by 8 more phone  sessions.   Timing based upon your goals
Email and text access to your coach
Weekly mini – check- in’s
Warmline — 811 available to you – (Let’s connect before you get to 911/emergency)
Surprise encouragement coming your way, when you need it most:)

“I wanted it Yesterday”

equippedI am ready to get Unstuck and onto Unstoppable

We will dig right in and amp up your breakthrough.

Half day or Full day work

We will draw from brainstorming, NLP – (Neurolinguistic Programming)

visualization, breathe work & other techniques.

Connecting the power of the mind with the wisdom of the body.