You are wired to be inspired! Let me help you tap into that power.

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You are wired to be inspired!
Let’s tap into that power.
I work with organizations who want to understand their people better so that productivity and satisfaction increases.

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“To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day,thou canst not then be false to any man.”

William Shakespeare

Shakespeare was such a smart guy! He says it so well. How are you navigating your life? You live with yourself everyday. You feel, think and then take action from that place. Are your actions reactive or are you able to come from a place of power to turn that around and use creative thinking skills?

Being aware of  personality style, emotional intelligence, the way you think, which leads to the way you communicate, will help you navigate both your personal and professional life. Knowing deeply who you are is the beginning.

Wherever you are on your journey through life and career, it is important to refuel, regroup, rejuvenate and rethink on a regular basis.

About me

Cyndi offers a unique opportunity to gain new perspective on a variety of skills and perspectives that each of us use or misuse on a daily basis.

What people are saying

“I was fortunate to be seated next to Cyndi on a plane, and our conversation quickly led me to realize her insight into emotional intelligence was perfectly suited to our teams desire to work more cohesively together.  That chance meeting on a plane led to Cyndi conducting a workshop on communication and emotional intelligence that proved very valuable to our team.   Her ability to foster learning in a dynamic group setting was instrumental in our teams learning to communicate better and understand how to interact more successfully using awareness of each individuals personality types.

Thank you, Cyndi, for bringing your life experiences, your wisdom and your fantastic facilitator skills to our group.”

“Over a couple of lengthy brainstorming sessions Cyndi asked me a ton of questions about my idea. She thought of things I never would have thought of. She got me to think big. She gave me clarity, vision, and focus.
Even more, she mapped out a strategy and a picture of what it could all look like. Then, over the next six months, she held my feet to the fire and made sure I acted on it.”

Cyndi helped my business partner and me uncover new ways and mediums in which to engage our target market. She engaged us in thought provoking and unconventional conversation to understand our perspective while applying graceful techniques to guide us to creative solutions. I recommend Cyndi’s services to anyone searching for new and innovative solutions to their problems.

I’ve been trying to think of a professional way to say this, but I can’t come up with anything other than ‘Cyndi is soooo inspiring.

I was terrified to send my dream out into the world, but I’m so glad I did. I can’t stress how great working with Cyndi was. Cyndi had my Creative Possibility Session back to me in record time, which was a welcome change considering anything that has to do with creativity is often associated with long waits.

Cyndi is quite the Idea Strategist!!

I was in a brain fog with how to launch an new e-course I had developed. I had only one coaching session with Cyndi and she instantly identified some amazing opportunities that I couldn’t see for myself. She also helped me implement achievable strategies and timelines to create an action plan so I can burn ahead all-systems-go!

Wow…I feel like the path for my business has instantly cleared. Thanks for your time Cyndi…you are wonderful!!

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