Creativity and Innovation for the Non-Creative

buy Lyrica in thailand How to Leverage Creativity for All It’s Worth

Creative thinking is a game-changer in life and in the workplace. Cultivate it, and you can elevate your influence, develop stronger relationships, have more fun, and lead a much more extraordinary life. In this outside-the-box workshop participants will learn how to: •Understand the true value that creativity brings to the table •Generate creative solutions to even the toughest problems •Become unreasonable (in a good way) •Let go of factors that inhibit creativity •Tap into personal strengths and resources •Learn to say yes – and no – in more purposeful ways •Ignite intention •Make room for more joy, surprise, and delight in life •

Creative thinkers are the agile, problem-solving, idea-generating, success-fueling “magicians” in business and in life.