Cyndi Fine, Creative Instigator, has an uncanny knack for being able to jump into the chaos of your life, quickly identify your unique talents, and help you step into your “inspired” life. Her clients call these “possibility sessions,” “brain sparkles,” or “idea igniters,” but Cyndi is just doing what she does best: unlocking your limitless potential and laser-focusing you on a clear direction. A creative spirit to the core, she’s an entrepreneur whose passion is helping you make the most of your God-given gifts.


She helps women (and smart men) build better relationships, develop stronger purposes, increase the good things in life, and let go of the bad. Combining her 30+ years of experience in the health field along with her expertise as a MindBody Connection Coach, Cyndi will bring clarity and order to your frazzled world.


Is Cyndi some kind of miracle worker? No, but she delivers results. Her clients have said things like, “Cyndi helped me open my eyes, my heart and even my gut to the reality that I clearly get in my own way. I was right on the edge, and Cyndi showed me the way to jump! If you wanted to be guided logically, conversationally and visually in a way that doesn’t feel like a ‘session’, you need Cyndi Fine!”


Another client recently said, “Cyndi is one of those rare individuals who is gifted with a healing spirit. Her warmth, humor and incredible knowledge of our bodies provides not just relaxation and joy.”


And “Cyndi helped removed the hidden barriers that I couldn’t reach myself by helping me recognize my inner talk and how my body was responding. I gained clarity about the direction I need to move into and how to integrate the pieces of my life and business. This has been invaluable to me. Cyndi is highly gifted and able to help others move forward into success.”


Cyndi is enthusiastic and vivacious. She believes in the importance of laughter, living in the present, and appreciating the little things in life that can help take you from being overwhelmed to overjoyed. She uses her own techniques to turn “stressed” around 180 degrees into “desserts” (the good stuff we all want!), and will teach you to do the same.


When she’s not creating big ideas and moving clients from being stuck to unstoppable, she refers to herself as a “student of life”, is a voracious reader, loves to paint, is a closet “fashionista”, and currently loving the challenge of learning to tap dance.

Cyndi is the winner of a National Award for her work at the 2004 Paralympics in Athens, Greece. She has been helping her clients get transformative results out of her office in Madison, as well as with clients remotely, over the phone. Whether you schedule a session with Cyndi in her office, attend one of her workshops, or work remotely, you will come away transformed, too.

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