As an international corporate trainer, Cyndi has used her unique brand of ‘edu-taining’ to drive home truths along with laughter and fun, which facilitates real transformation on the personal, team and organizational levels. 

Cyndi’s 30+ year career as an entrepreneur, trainer and facilitator have covered the gamut from stress reduction to emotional intelligence, anatomy to personality styles.  A creative spirit to the core, she’s an entrepreneur whose passion is to help make the most of each person’s unique gifts.

StandInspireKnowing that ‘People get hired for their hard skills and fired for their soft skills’, Cyndi’s work has revolved around Creativity, Innovation, Communication, and Leadership. As a life long student in Personality Styles and what is now known as Emotional Intelligence, these soft skills are the new hard skills,  determining a person’s and company’s success in the new marketplace.

Her clients have said things like, “Cyndi helped me open my eyes, my heart and even my gut to the reality that I clearly get in my own way. I was right on the edge, and Cyndi showed me the way to jump!” 

What works for you, to bring this important training to your organization?  Who will benefit from awareness and sharpening of the skill of Emotional Intelligence?  Emerging Leaders and Sales teams,  Managers and servant leaders become better prepared to navigate the important relationships that lead to success or failure, a stressful workplace or one that inspires and delights.


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