with Cyndi Fine Mind Body Expert

Cyndi helps people unravel the knots in their life.  Moving them from Stuck to Unstoppable.  Sometimes those knots show up in your heart, your mind, or your body.

smilePossibilitiesShe feels privileged to work with people to find courage, make worry and regret small and joy and possibilities Big.  Most of all she loves to help others “love who they are right now”.

Cyndi enjoys introducing herself as a MindBody Talk Show host. She believes that everyone has their own show and she loves helping them tune in to listen!!

Cyndi has been working in the Health Industry for over 30 years as a Certified BodyWork Therapist and a MindBody Coach.  She is the winner of the National Sports Massage Award for her work at the 2004 Paralympics in Athens Greece.

An energetic and motivating speaker, Cyndi has lead workshops on relaxation, stress management, the importance of touch, CranioSacral Therapy, Art and Soul, Laughter is the Best Medicine, taught anatomy and ethics to other professionals, and more.


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