Cyndi is a Creative Instigator. For more than 30 years, Cyndi Fine has been an entrepreneur, trainer, facilitator, and speaker – delivering innovative tools, strategies, and powerful insights to leaders, corporations, sales professionals, associations, and educators.

Specializing in Emotional Intelligence, Cyndi uses her unique brand of humor, heart, and how-to’s to facilitate true transformation for audiences both personally and professionally.

In today’s world, “People get hired for their hard skills and fired for their soft skills. ” That makes soft skills the new hard skills which determine a person’s and company’s success in an ever-shifting marketplace.

From stress reduction, to team and relationship building, to developing mental and emotional agility, and elevating leadership capacities, Cyndi teaches the skills and mindsets necessary to navigate both life and business with more ease, clarity, and fun.

Invite Cyndi in for your next audience and they’ll walk away with a truer understanding of who they are, what they are capable of, and a renewed passion for realizing their full potential in powerful and intriguing new ways.

That’s a win for your people, your team, and your organization. Call Cyndi today to learn more.